Mentors - Jamaica

Eulalia Kokuangisa Kahwa
Senior Lecturer
University of West Indies

Dr. Kahwa has expertise in leadership and mentorship. In addition to his academic responsibilities as faculty member of the University of the West Indies School of Nursing (UWISON), he is also a Deputy Director of the UWISON’s PAHO/WHO-designated Collaborating Centre, one of only 18 such Centres in The Americas, an elite recognition shared with the UM SONHS. Additionally, he has also collaborated with Dr. Johis Ortega since 2011 around their mutual membership on the PANMCC (Pan American Nursing and Midwifery Collaborating Centres) network, a global network to which he currently provides leadership as it’s Chair-Elect. His interest and professional record of building research and policy-impacting capacity in next-generation healthcare workers are demonstrated by some of his following accomplishments: Co-Principal Investigator and Country Program Director of the six-year program of research, “Strengthening Nurses’ Capacity in HIV Policy Development in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean 2007-2012”, which aimed to strengthen health care systems for HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. He also established a four-week Annual International Research Internship for Health Researchers at the UWISON, the main aim of which was to build capacity for nursing and health research. Since 2013, Dr. Kahwa has undertaken responsibility for planning and coordinating all activities of this yearly internship, which he facilitates in partnership with a multidisciplinary team of local and international researchers. He also facilitated research proposal development workshops for junior UWISON faculty (2010-2011), which resulted in two research teams receiving seed grant awards totaling J$450,865.00. He has contributed in proposal development and evaluation workshops for nurses from St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Kingston, and St. Andrew (2010), which resulted in three funded proposals for a total of J$245,459.00. In 2012, He conceptualized and organized a one-day workshop attended by graduate students, participants from health institutions island-wide, Ministry of Health and non-governmental organizations involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and management activities, during which the teams presented the findings from the previously described funded research programs. He has served on multiple dissertation committees for graduate students. His primary research interests include asthma, HIV/AIDS and nutrition, and interwoven throughout his scientific trajectory on these topics are the themes of healthcare worker and healthcare system capacity-building in low-resource regions, as well as engagement of nurses in policy-making. His research activities have produced one first-authored book and a number of peer-reviewed original publications and scientific abstracts in a range of interprofessional journals, of which a number are data-based and first-authored. He has also presented his scientific findings at national and international professional conferences.

Marvin Reid
Director and Professor
Tropical Metabolism Research, University of West Indies

Dr. Reid has a range of skills including project management, biostatistics and expertise in nutrition and Sickle Cell Disease. His research interests include the application of stable isotopes to study in vivo metabolism in particular protein and glutathione metabolism thereby contributing to our understanding of the adaptation of Man to physiological (growth and ageing) and pathological (malnutrition, sickle cell) stresses as well as clinical trials research. With regards to clinical trials research, he is GCP and CITI program trained. He has been a local PI on several industry sponsored clinical trials at phases 1,2,3 levels as well as NIH funded phase 3 trials. Additionally, Dr. Reid has participated and coordinated multicenter, multidisciplinary, international, clinical studies since the completion of his postdoctoral studies at Baylor College of Medicine.