Projects - Jamaica

Project Name:  Cannabis as a Hemispheric Health Priority: A Preliminary Investigation of Anxiety and Depression as Potential Mediators in the Relationship between Cannabis Use and Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Persons Living with HIV in Jamaica
Mentor:  Dennis Christina Vidot, Wayne McLaughlin, Marvin Reid, Joshua  Anzinger

The overall study goal is to begin documenting the role of cannabis on the brain (mental health) and heart (CVD risk) among PLWH in Jamaica. To accomplish this goal, we propose to supplement an existing study on cannabis use and cardiovascular disease among PLWH in Jamaica, part of the NIH-funded Minority Health Disparities in International Research Training Program (MHIRT). The central hypothesis is that anxiety and depression are mediators in the relationship between cannabis use and CVD risk among PLWH.


Project Name:  Hemispheric Epidemiological Assessment of COVID-19 Exposure, Transmission and Health Impact among Cannabis Users and Non-Users
Mentor: Dennis Christina Vidot, Winston De La Haye, Marvin Reid

The global qualifying conditions for cannabis, though not uniform, all include individuals with compromised immune systems and other chronic health conditions. The purpose of this anonymous electronic survey is to obtain epidemiologic data on the impact of a rapidly evolving pandemic (COVID-19) on mental and physical health among adults across the hemisphere. The secondary aim is to examine potential changes in frequency, dose, and route of cannabis use patterns based on COVID-19 related closures and updates among individuals who endorse cannabis use. An exploratory aim is to examine the sharing of inhaled cannabis products among users as a contributing factor to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This project has preferred in person participation but could be completed remotely if needed.