Universidad Franz Tamayo (UNIFRANZ)

Universidad Franz Tamayo (UNIFRANZ), is a higher education institution certified by the Plurinational State of Bolivia, its philosophy is based on the educational model related to the following essential components: the ethical project of life, the internationalization policy and social, ecological and economic development.

Its vision, to be a benchmark of excellence with national and international recognition, that promotes human, scientific and technological development whose leadership actively influences the well-being of society. Its mission, to forge a transformative university committed to attracting and promoting diverse and world-class talent, creating a highly collaborative environment that promotes the free exchange of ideas in order to promote innovation, creativity and high leadership capacity to form competitive human capital with ethical, and moral values and social responsibility.

The UNIFRANZ values are framed as follow: the university community is made up of passionate people dedicated to what they do, ideas are generated and made a reality with energy and attitude (passion); the community is made up of upright and honest people, who uphold respect, truthfulness and ethics in all acts (integrity); the work is done creatively, always looking for innovative solutions (innovation); collective success is sought, with active participation in following a common goal, freedom of ideas, collaboration and solidarity among colleagues (cooperative work) are promoted and actions seek a social, environmental and economic balance that favor institutional development in a mutually beneficial relationship with society (sustainability).