Universidade Federal da Bahia

The Federal University of Bahia is a public university located mainly in the city of Salvador. It is the largest university in the state of Bahia. The Universidade Federal da Bahia began was established on February 18, 1808, when the Prince Regent Dom João VI founded the School of Surgery of Bahia, with the first university course in Brazil a the time. During the 19th century, it incorporated courses in Pharmacy (1832) and Dentistry (1864), the Academy of Fine Arts (1877), Law (1891) and Polytechnic (1896). In the 20th century, Isaías Alves created the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters (1941). Currently, the university has 33 schools with over a 100 majors across all campuses and over 40,000 registered students. Most recently in 2017 they hired 70 visiting professors,an unprecedented initiative in the history of UFBA and of impact at a time of economic crisis. The quota system for Graduate Studies was approved and a policy of affirmative action was initiated in this area. In the field of Extension, new public notices emerged aimed at boosting artistic production and experimentation and expanding the participation of the university in community projects. In a similar direction, the enhancement of a policy of publications through EDUFBA, prioritizing public notices and creating the UFBA Books and Authors Festival, of which ten versions have already been made. Also noteworthy is the growth and consolidation of Distance Education activities, with 10 new Specialization courses offered starting 2017, along with the offer of undergraduate courses, with a total of 1,980 new vacancies.